Rape Investigation At East High School

Rape Investigation At East High School

The Shelby County Sheriff's Office has charged an 16-year-old male with the rape of an 18-year-old female student at East High School.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com)-- Accusations of rape happening at a Memphis high school have parents seeing red.

It happened Wednesday at East High School in Binghampton. An 18-year-old girl reported being attacked and raped by a 16-year-old boy while at school. She was taken to The MED Wednesday complaining of abdominal pain.

The boy was arrested. He's locked up at juvenile hall. Meanwhile, parents are demanding answers.

They want to know how something like this could happen at a school where students are supposed to be safe.

"This is my daughter's first year here," says Sherita Miller. "I need some answers immediately. I am just hearing about that, and I'm waiting to see if we get a letter telling us that this happened because I have no phone call, no letter, no nothing."

Her daughter did bring home a letter Thursday. The contents aren't comforting to her mother.

"This should be a safe haven," she says.

Shelby County Schools released a statement Thursday saying:

"An allegation of criminal assault was reported yesterday to East High School's administration shortly after school was dismissed. The Shelby County Sheriff's Office was contacted, and officers were immediately dispatched. We take all allegations and reports very seriously. Criminal activity of any kind will not be tolerated on our campuses. The student involved in this incident has been arrested and will be strictly disciplined in accordance with Shelby County Schools board policy."
"We respect the privacy of students and staff as we continue to cooperate with the Shelby County Sheriff's Office during this criminal investigation."

"It shouldn't be anything like that going on here. It's a really great school," says Irana Moore. "Security here is pretty tight."

"They'll be hearing form me," says Miller. "I will speak with the principal and find out exactly what's going on here. If they need more security, if they need parents on patrol, but we're going to get something done about that cause that's just not acceptable at all."

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