Rep. Cohen Tries to Explain Himself

Rep. Cohen Tries to Explain Himself

Cohen has a string of bad luck and worse tweeting.

MEMPHIS, Tenn.-Congressman Steve Cohen says people misunderstood a tweet about a tow truck driver calling him black. 

Cohen said after his car broke down, he told a tow truck driver about his rough week.

That week included a paternity test disproving he was the father of a Texas woman.

In his tweet Cohen said quote “Told African American tow driver my week-father-DNA test not father reporter.  Attractive fallout.  He not aware of Tennessee district 9 says, you’re black! Yo”

In a cable news interview, Monday, Cohen tried to explain his tweet.  “I drive an ’86 Caddy.  A lot of African Americans drive old cars.  Stereotype? A lot of African Americans drive old cars, Cadillacs,” said Cohen.  “It died twice in two weeks.  I said, I’ve had a tough week, let me tell you.  Find daughter, great.  Find out it’s not daughter, blitz.  Say something nice to reporter, get attacked.  I said it’s just been hell.  He goes: ‘Man, you’re black.’ And I took it as a compliment.”

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