Residents Fight To Save Alcy Elementary School

Residents Fight To Save Alcy Elementary School

Alcy Elementary is one of a dozen schools recommended for closing in 2014.
MEMPHIS, TN -- Save our schools. A dozen schools are on the Shelby County Unified School Board's closing list. All are legacy Memphis City Schools.

Many are in low income neighborhoods from Whitehaven to Southwest Memphis. People who live in nearby neighborhoods are worried. Those near Alcy Elementary are coming together to organize support to save it.

"I'm hoping they dont close it cause we really need it," says Mattie Robertson.

Alcy Elementary is one of a dozen schools recommended for closing in 2014. "I know a lot of kids, my grand kids went over there. It really is a good school," Robertson says.

There was a community meeting at New Hope Baptist Church off Elvis Presley Boulevard Thursday night.

People all over the neighborhood told us they want to save it.

"For the sakes of the neighborhood and the kids," says Robertson.

Alcy was featured during Local 24's "cool school" segment in May. We got an in depth look at the emphasis on arts, music and academics.

"Education is our top and main priority," says Principal Sunya Payne.

"We've got a lot of people supporting it and they dont want it closed," Robertson says.

It is just on the list for consideration.

A decision is a long ways off, but residents aren't taking any chances, starting to speak out now.

"I know what it's going to look like," says Willie Robertson. "Folks going to be all behind there doing drugs, whatever"

Willie Robertson says the neighborhood won't be the same if Alcy closes.

There is a detailed process leading up to a decision.

The unified board will hold two community meetings, one for the school that's closing, another for the new school students will join.

They'll take feedback from those meetings and make a final decision, likely at the end of the next school year.

"Aint nothing, I can say. Just hope and pray that they let it stay open," Mattie says. "We're trying. We're going to try."

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