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Road Rage: Memphis Man Assaults FedEx Driver at Stop Sign

35-year-old John Brenner lost it at the 4-way stop at the intersection of Appling and Cordova Roads, pulling a gun on a FedEx truck driver.
CORDOVA, TN (local24news.com)-- It's an extreme case of road rage. Out of control anger behind the wheel has landed a former Memphis firefighter in jail.

Police say 35-year-old John Brenner attacked a FedEx truck driver in Cordova Wednesday.

Brenner lost it at the 4-way stop at the intersection of Appling and Cordova Roads, pulling a gun on the truck driver.

"You see people with no patience whatsoever when they're driving," says Judy Rogers.

What Brenner's accused of doing goes beyond losing his patience.

The FedEx driver pulled up behind Brenner at the intersection. When Brenner sat there for a while, the FedEx driver honked his horn twice. That's when he says Brenner got put of his car with a gun.

"It's very scary. Very very scary," Rogers says.

"That's a little excessive," says Zach Thomas.

Brenner's charged with aggravated assault and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Police say he pointed the gun at the driver's face, saying he was going to blow his head off. He then hit him with the gun.

The driver knocked it out of his hand, but Brenner picked it back up, ran to his car and loaded it. Officers say he kept yelling at the FedEx driver until a passenger in Brenner's car convinced him to drive off. Police arrested him a few miles down the road.

"It's a simple thing," says Rogers. "You're just trying to get their attention that they can go. I'll think about that before I blow my horn again at anybody that's for sure!"

"I've had those moments of aggression I think everybody does," Thomas says. "To lash out in that regard, that's really over the top. I can't imagine that happening to me."

Brenner's neighbors can't imagine the guy they know doing something like that.

"He'd mow our yard sometimes or we'd mow his part of the yard, you know free of charge random act of kindness. He has about three kids," says Guinevere Griffith. "If that's actually what he did, it's a horrible thing. I hope he gets counseling."

Brenner used to work for the Memphis Fire Department. We're told he was let go a while ago.

He has a criminal record with two DUI's and one charge of impersonating a law officer. He's due in court on these latest charges October 1st.
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