SCS Third Grader In Trouble For Bringing Knife To School

SCS Third Grader In Trouble For Bringing Knife To School

A Shelby County Schools student faces a lengthy suspension after a school principal says the third grader brought a knife to school.
Millington, TN -- Jalin Hudson saw it all.

The third grader at Lucy Elementary School says the trouble started yesterday when two of his classmates got into a fight.

"He had told my friend he was going to kill him with the knife," Hudson said.

Hudson said he wasn't scared, but that things escalated Thursday morning.

"He had showed my friend the knife," Hudson said. "I saw half of it and I had raised my hand and told the teacher."

Hudson said the knife was small. 

Hudson said the teacher went and told the principal who called police.

"I never would have thought it would be in an elementary school," said Millington Police Chief Rita Stanback. "Now a days you never know what age or what school is going to be at now."

"We want to commend the student who came forward with information about a weapon on campus," Principal Detris Crane wrote in a letter to Lucy Elementary School parents. "We encourage students to always report safety concerns to our staff."

"No students or staff were injured," Crane added. "Please be assured that weapons of any kind are prohibited on campuses, and the student has been strictly disciplined in accordance with Shelby County Schools Board policy."

Thursday's incident was at least the sixth involving weapons in and around Shelby County Schools since class started on August 5th.

"It is scary, you don't know who is going to school with what these days," said Jessica Fleming, who has children who attend Lucy Elementary.

Stanback says parents of the 3rd grade victim declined to press charges. The student still faces a 180 day school suspension.
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