Sandy Hook Shooting Sparks Gun Sales Surge

Sandy Hook Shooting Sparks Gun Sales Surge

Since the shooting in Newtown, there is a big spike in gun sales in Memphis and across the country.

The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut has sparked a surge in gun sales.

"Yesterday was the biggest day we've ever done in 20 years. Today will probably eclipse that," said gun store owner Karl Durkheimer.

Firearms flew off the shelves over the weekend. The gun most in demand, AR-15 style rifles, a weapon that Adam Lanza used in the Newton massacre.

Kyler Lunman works at the Arms Fair gun shop in Cordova. His 7 year old cousin Daniel Barden was killed in the shooting at Sandy Hook elementary school.

He told me he was too emotional to speak about it on camera and he was too busy to talk about the dramatic increase in people wanting to buy guns.

However, a 1st time a gun owner at the shop expressed why he felt many are rushing to make their purchase.

"There's a lot of people who live in fear. Having a gun is always good to have to protect the family," said first time gun owner Zerius Carter.

The surge first started with the movie theater shooting in Colorado. It increased after the mall shooting near Portland and now the school shootings have people on both sides of the gun control debate fired up.

"Everybody's got a fear now that owning any weapon of any sort is gonna be more difficult to acquire," said gun owner Ray Hettwer.

In the meantime, it appears guns and ammo of all kinds will be flying off the shelves.

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