Several attend the "Keeping Hope Alive" Rally for Missing TN Woman

Several attend the "Keeping Hope Alive" Rally for Missing TN Woman

A crowd gathered in Parsons, Tennessee rallying to "Keep Hope Alive" for Holly Bobo.

"Were not giving up we believe she's alive. We're gonna find Holly and bring her back to her family," said Pastor Don Franks.

Several people attended the Keeping Hope Alive rally for missing nursing student Holly Bobo. It included a 5k walk/run, a balloon release, and a motorcyle run.

"It's so sad. The day it happened you thought we'd find her tomorrow but as time gone on were still searching and we still have hope," said Patricia Bradshur who attended the rally.

During an emotional news conference the Bobo family thanked the community for their commitment to try to find Holly during the past two years.

"Words can never express what your support means to us. We are devastated that after 2 years we still don't have Holly but we are asking that you continue to help us search and were not giving up and we ask that you not give up also and continue to help us search for Holly," said Holly's brother Clint Bobo.

Family members still believe she's alive.

"We believe someone has information, someone has to know something and we just pray and hope and beg them to come forward and tell us what you know. We want Holly back," said Holly's cousin Whitney Duncan.

A search and rescue team has spent countless hours looking for Holly and vowed to continue the search until she's found.

"Sometimes we hope a tip could be called in on a special day like this and were ready and prepared to search if a tip should come in," said Lois Alexander with the Bloodhound Search and Rescue team.

If you have any information on the missing case of Holly Bobo please call the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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