Shelby County School Buses Overcrowded

Shelby County School Buses Overcrowded

Call it the bus problem.

GERMANTOWN, TN-- Call it the bus problem. After our story aired last night about some Germantown High School students with no school bus, Shelby County Schools acted fast. Thursday morning a school bus picked them up but here comes the new problem: overcrowding.

Houston high school is not the only county school facing overcrowded buses. Germantown High School students are seeing the same thing.

"Last year it was 2 people to a seat," said 14 year old Christiana Smith who attends Germantown High School.

It was simpler back then, before the merger. Now Shelby County students say riding the school bus is a nightmare.

"At least 4 people to a seat and some people are sitting on top of each other," said the 14 year old. "Some people sit in the back on the aisle and it's really crazy. It's dangerous and hazardous. There are so many people the bus tilts sometimes."

"I've heard horror stories of 3 and 4 to a seat," said a Houston High School student Antonio Scott.

"Everybody is lapped up 3 to a seat, 4 to a seat. It's really crowded," said another Germantown High School student Kaylan Webb.

"I don't like it either," said Webb's friend and neighbor Azaria Stigler. "I'm always sitting on Kaylan's lap."

Wednesday night a bunch of Houston High School students didn't have a bus. The next day they got one, thanks to our story. However, they say they're having the same problem as the bus riders from Germantown High School.

"It's barely the fourth day of school and it's already like 98 people at least on the bus," said Christiana.

If that's true, that's more than 20 people over what the school board's policy allows. Students riding a Durham bus can have up to 90 passengers.
"It's a mess, it's a big mess," said Christiana's father Christopher Smith.

Parents say things are worse when they don't get any answers from the school board.

"I just told her no apologizes necessary, it's not your child and I never heard back from her," said Christiana's mother Joyce as she showed us an email she wrote to the transportation department. "It's like they don't care."

So for now, it's a race to win a seat for a bus ride home.

"We get scared if we don't see it because there are so many people and then after 2 minutes the bus is packed and when I say packed you practically have to jump over people to the next seat," stated Christiana Smith.

A Shelby County Schools spokesperson told us overcrowding is typical at the beginning of the school year and this issue will be resolved in the next few weeks.

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