Shelby Farms Gets Spooky With New Haunted Trail

Shelby Farms Gets Spooky With New Haunted Trail

The first ever haunted trail will open in October at Shelby Farms.
MEMPHIS - ( Friday, September 13th, the weather is cooler and the calendar continues to flip as the days get shorter. It sets the mood for fall and the Halloween spirit.

Shelby Farms is putting the finishing touches on their first ever haunted trail.

"They don't know where they're going as they get to an area and things come at you." said Natalie Wilson, events manager for Shelby Farms.

She says they've had the idea for the trail for years but this winter, something clicked.

"In January we said, OK, let's get started,"  Wilson said. 

It starts with a hayride driven by none other than the headless horseman before they aim to terrify you for over a half mile after that.

Duane Craig specializes in that. He says he's more known as "The Zombie Guy." He's been in the business of making terrifying creatures for nearly 30 years. It's his passion.

"Sometimes it's a lot of freehand. Sometimes it's sculpting with oil based clays." Craig said as he shows off his latest creation, a planetary melting zombie.

Wilson said the terror is made possible by over 150 volunteers.

"They're actors, some professional, some amateur, all volunteers. They're out in the haunt at 18 different scenes. People will have about 20 seconds at each stop; it'll be moving pretty quick," Wilson said.

She adds the next step before opening night on October 4th is to build all 18 stations. 
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