Shelby Farms Welcomes Seven New Buffalo

Shelby Farms Welcomes Seven New Buffalo

Since April, the Shelby Farms herd of buffalo has grown by 7 and is now up to 27.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - It’s late spring and early summer; the birds are chirping, flowers are blooming, mowers are mowing and some animals at Shelby Farms have growing families.

The park's Communications Coordinator, Rebecca Dailey, says their most popular animals go by many names.

“The scientific name is bison; buffalo is a term used to refer to the animals place in American history and that’s the term we like to use in the park,” she explained.

Whatever you’d like to call them, buffalo or American bison, you now have seven new faces to smile at.

Benn Holden, lead ranger at the park, says getting to know the new personalities is exciting every time.

“They do have their own individual personalities, kind of like dogs and cats do. You kind of get used to different animals having their own little personality quirks here and there.”

There is no breeding at Shelby Farms, so every bit of excitement is 100% natural.

If you’re already thinking names, there’s a contest for that. Dailey says you’ll have your shot at a final 10 shortly.

“We’ve narrowed it down to the top ten names and we’ll release that on a survey on Facebook this week.”

Naming and bonding aside, Dailey and Holden say you have to keep an eye on population, as there’s only so much room in 64 acres.

Dailey adds, “If we have too many that are born in one year we wait until they’re old enough to be weaned and separated from their mothers and we’ll choose some to go live at Tennessee Safari Park.”

If you’d like to come see them, they’re always out in the pasture adjacent to the visitor’s center.
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