Sherra Wright's Attorney: "Her Main Concern is the Children"

Sherra Wright's Attorney: "Her Main Concern is the Children"

The defense attorney for Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife, Sherra, says his client has nothing to hide and is focused on caring for the couple's six kids.

MEMPHIS, TN - Sherra Wright's defense attorney says his client has nothing to hide.  Lorenzen Wright's ex-wife has been the subject of great speculation and scrutiny in the days since the former NBA player was found shot to death in a field.

But longtime Memphis attorney Coleman Garrett, who confirmed he now represents Sherra, put several rumors to rest on Monday, August 2, 2010.  Garrett says Sherra has not confessed to the murder, as internet blogs and tweets would have you believe. 

"That's ridiculous," he tells  "That's ridiculous.  That doesn't even call for a response.  I mean, she's not in custody."

Garrett says contrary to recent reports, Sherra Wright, was never in police custody.

"I don't know where all those rumors come from," he says.  "That's why we don't intend to add to them by speaking on camera with her present.  It's just going to exacerbate a bad situation and people are going to have their opinions and misconstrue what is said."

The other big question?  What were Memphis Police looking for when they searched Sherra's house in Collierville over the weekend?

The BTW alumni in attendance at a special memorial service for Lorenzen Monday night, wondered the same thing.  Wright only went to Booker T. Washington High School for one year, his senior year.  Still, his former classmates, teachers and teammates remember him well and consider him one of them, a Golden Warrior to the core.

"Lorenzen was a very nice guy," says Class of '62 BTW grad Dasie Sanders.  She served on the committee that served up snacks and meals for the school's basketball team when Lorenzen was their star player.  "He had the biggest smile you've ever seen.  All the kids just enjoyed him so because he radiated!"

"When I first got the news," says Wright's former classmate, Kandice Garrett, "my mom had texted me.  And I dropped my phone.  I mean, it's unbelievable."

During the memorial service, Memphis Mayor A C Wharton told the BTW crowd that the entire city shares their pain. 

"Our city, as big and as hustling and sometimes mean and cold as it may seem," the mayor says, "we are still family.  We still have heart and we still ache at times like these."

Wright's coach at BTW, Fred Horton, an old friend of Ren's father Herb, shared stories of the young man's interaction with his friends and team members.  The players from the 1994 roster served as groomsmen at Coach Horton's wedding.  Lorenzen, he said, had been his best man.  Lorenzen's father, says the coach, was not taking his son's death well.

Elsie Bailey, BTW's principal from 1990 to 2005, couldn't hold back the tears as she talked about how special Lorenzen had been to her and to the school with his unique charisma, smile and spirit.

"It's a shock," she says.  "And everybody cried a lot.  But it's his spirit that I want to be a part of celebrating."

It's hard to celebrate when Wright's killer is still out there.  Sunday, Memphis Police searched the Collierville home of Lorenzen's ex-wife, inside and out.  Sherra Wright's defense attorney says his client's number one priority right now is taking care of her six children.

"She's maintaining as best she can under the circumstances," says Coleman Garrett.  "Our main concern is the kids.  That's where she spends mosts of her time, trying to console them."

Garrett also downplayed the police presence at Wright's home.   He tells that Sherra gave MPD detectives the keys to her house only after they'd gotten search warrants.

"They're looking for clues," he says.  "They're looking for evidence.  They're trying to find answers.  And that would be one of the logical things they would do, search any premises where Lorenzen was last known to be."

Back at the memorial, prayers went out for BTW's fallen warrior, and patience was encouraged, as Memphis Police work to solve his murder.

"It's sad about those kids," says Dasie Sanders,  "and there's so many of them.  It's just heartbreaking to know what the family must be going through."

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