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South Memphis Residents Clean Up after Storms

Monday evening storms knocked trees and power poles down in southern Shelby County.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - All power is restored to Memphis Light Gas and Water customers who have been in the dark since Monday night. Strong storms rolled through the Mid-South on August 13, littering Shelby County with debris.

Nearly 5,000 MLGW customers were without power at the height of the storm. The hardest hit area in Shelby County was South Memphis where residents began cleaning up Tuesday.

Trees and power lines were flattened along Greenwood Street and Kerr Avenue in south Memphis. Residents in the area say the storm happened in a matter of minutes and came without warning. Reports of high wind, heavy rain and hail were common in the area with the most damage.

Ilean Jones, south Memphis resident, says, "It just started slow with two or three drops and the next thing you know, the wind was so strong.”

A large tree was uprooted across from LeMoyne-Owen College and Hamilton High School was without power Tuesday morning, disrupting students at school.

Crews worked all day to clean up debris and repair broken power poles in the area.

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