Students Gives Away Christmas Baskets To Needy Families

Students Gives Away Christmas Baskets To Needy Families

Students at a Memphis school are reaching out to those in need for the holiday season.

MEMPHIS, TN--Students at Douglas High gave a dozen churches food baskets to give to the needy at their "Sounds of the Season" holiday program.

"I am a product of this community and I've lived here my entire life and to see that my school is able to give back to those who need help its just a great feeling. I love it," said Jabria Johnson.

"For these children to find it in their heart to give back to the community, it's just beautiful," said food basket recepient Tina Foulks.

Food baskets included a turkey, ham, three coats, house hold products, cleaning supplies, and things a family would need to be able to survive for a short period if time.

Those who attended the event also watched students showcase their talents by playing in the band, orchestra, playing the piano, singing in the choir, and others performed a skit.

Douglas High School has one of the lowest poverty rates per student in the city. 

"Usually those who have the least always give the most, and that is truly an example of what we have here with our students," said principal Janet Thompson.

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