Students Keep Hope Alive to Save Carver High

Students Keep Hope Alive to Save Carver High

One last big push to keep a Memphis High School open.
MEMPHIS, TN-- One last big push to keep a Memphis High School open. Interim superintendent Dorsey Hopson agreed to attend this week's meeting to "Save Carver High School." The unified district wants to merge Carver and Booker T. Washington to save money. Carver High School students and community leaders want to present several cost saving ideas including cutting classes and using grant money from various organizations, to the superintendent this Thursday in hopes the information will change his mind and keep carver high open.

Pockets of crime and blight plague some parts of southwest Memphis but Carver High School is what residents say is the anchor that keeps their community alive.

"If it's open you'll have less activity for crime," said a neighbor who lives directly across the street from the school Gloria Milon.

"I love my school so much because my school is an enabler. It enables people to see what they can be what they can do and it teaches us how we can do it," said Carver High senior Kemario Davis.

The 17 year old fought tooth and nail to keep his school open. He's confronted school board members in the past, making his voice loud and clear. "This (Thursday) is definitely not the last push to save our school," Davis stated.

This past May the community rallied at Bloomfield Baptist Church to support Carver High. Davis helped organized it. This Thursday there will be another meeting there. Superintendent Hopson and other school board members are expected to attend.

"This time we made sure we stayed there in pursuit for saving our school and I think they finally understand that people are serious," said the high school senior.

The power lies within the people. Davis believes the bigger the turnout the more the district will listen to their voices and hearts.

"Show up and let people know you have a voice let your elected officials know that this is where your voice is at," said Davis. "Many people still do believe the school will be saved because it can be saved."

The public is invited to Thursday's rally to support Carver High School. It starts at 6:30pm at  Bloomfield Baptist Church at 123 S. Parkway Memphis, TN 38109.
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