Suspect Killed During Olive Branch Drug Raid

Suspect Killed During Olive Branch Drug Raid

One person was killed after firing at state and federal agents during a search of an Olive Branch home Tuesday morning.
OLIVE BRANCH, MS ( - Federal agents arrested 22 people Tuesday from Memphis to Mississippi. Investigators say a drug dealer in Olive Branch opened fire on federal agents and the DeSoto County SWAT team. They fired back and killed him.

"A big bang. I woke up and came outside and saw the SWAT team next door. Then I heard that somebody got shot and killed," said Jeff Hudson, who lives on Lancaster Drive close to where the shooting happened.

The man killed was Byron Kelley, aka "Big B", a 32-year-old accused of selling drugs out of his Olive Branch home.

"I just woke up and seen a lot of police cars," says neighbor Elgin Gray.

"Nobody ever knew (Kelley) or saw him," Hudson says.

Kelley was under indictment for possessing and distributing oxycodone and hydrocodone.

He was one of 22 wanted in a federal drug investigation by the US Attorney's office and Memphis' Drug Enforcement Administration.

"The SWAT team was over there. There was about 20 of them," says neighbor Chad Schlink.

DEA agents and DeSoto's SWAT team showed up at Kelley's door around 6 Tuesday morning. Officers say he fired at them. They shot back, killing him.

"At least no cops got injured in the crossfire there," Schlink says.

"It kinda bothers me. You never would have thought about that happening over in this neighborhood," Gray adds.

"He flew pretty well under the radar," Schlink agrees. "There's kids out here playing everyday and nobody was even suspicious as far as I knew. Then this happens. I think it kinda struck everybody by surprise for sure."

The Mississippi Bureau of Investigation is looking into the shooting.
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