TN Lawmakers Consider Guns For Teachers Legislation

TN Lawmakers Consider Guns For Teachers Legislation

Arming Tennessee school teachers to fight back. Governor Haslam says it's something the state legislature should be considering in the wake of the school massacre in Newtown, Connecticut.

MEMPHIS, TN-The Sandy Hook elementary school shooting in Connecticut now has Tennessee considering training and arming school teachers.

Governor Haslam and State Senator Frank Niceley plan on introducing the bill in the next legislative session in January.

Both would like to expand the resource officer program.

"After this shooting I feel like we need to expand that program to all schools, and if they don't have the money to hire full time resource officers, then they would have the option of training a staff member," said State Sen. Frank Niceley.

Much like air marshals on planes, a potential shooter would never know which staff member was armed.

"We are not in the armed services or force business, we're not in the police business. We're in the teaching business and the way we equip children is with knowledge, not with weapons," said Memphis Education President Keith Williams.

Williams believe more guns is not the solution. Many are also concerned about the impact it would have on students.

"It doesn't seem to have a psychological effect having a uniformed officer in the school with them. It probably makes them feel more secure," said Sate Senator Frank Niceley.

Niceley's bill would also make sure the armed staffed member is up to the task of carrying a weapon at school.

"Something needs to be done at schools. Is guns the answer? Maybe, but i think we need a broader dialogue than just guns or no guns," said concerned citizen Jessica Burde.

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