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Tate County Woman Murdered 2 Years Ago, Killer Still Out There

Jame McMahon was killed almost two years ago in Tate County, Mississippi. It's the sheriff office's only unsolved murder.
Tate Co. Killer Still at Large in 2-Year-Old Murder
TATE COUNTY, MS (abc24.com) - She was found in a bedroom at home. It looked liked she died sleeping, but investigators quickly determined 60-year-old Jamie McMahon was murdered. What they don't know is who killed her.

It happened almost two years ago in Tate County, Mississippi. It's the Sheriff Office's only unsolved murder. They know McMahon was murdered, but they won't say how.
They have little information, and don't want to jeopardize what they do know.

"This one is very unique," says Chief Investigator Bill Ellis. For two years, he's poured over Jamie McMahon's murder case.

She was found dead in her home in Savage late one afternoon in October 2010. Ellis says McMahon's husband has given a rough timeline of her last hours.

"On Monday morning as he got ready to go to work in Memphis early in the morning, she was on the couch watching TV."

Her husband came back later that afternoon. Ellis says he saw his wife's car in their yard, but thought she was visiting a neighbor.

"He came in that night and went to bed thinking she was still across the street at the neighbor's house. He got up, went to work the next morning, came in and found her dead that Tuesday afternoon."

She was found in one of the home's back bedrooms.

The medical examiner ruled her death a homicide. Ellis believes she was murdered for money.

Investigators say she and her husband got along, but led separate lives.

"It's not uncommon for him to do his thing and her do her thing," he says.

The Tate County Sheriff's Office has no witnesses, but lots of suspects.

"There are several people we've looked at in last two years," Ellis says. The department hasn't ruled anyone out. He's still searching for the tip that points them in the right direction.

"Anyone that should call, we run a lead down immediately. Nothing on this case waits. This is top priority."

If you know anything, call North Mississippi CrimeStoppers or the Tate County Sheriff's Office at (662) 562-4434.

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