The Meaning Behind 12-12-12

The Meaning Behind 12-12-12

Wednesday is 12-12-12. It's the last time there will be a triple digit date in your lifetime.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - 12-12-12 is important because it marks the final unusual numerical date for almost another century. So exactly what is so special about 12-12-12?

"If you follow numerology it also ties into trinity because the 12, 1+ 2 = 3. Were moving into a time honoring the body, life, and spirit," said psychic Madra Little.

Little believes everyone should focus on positive things which will assist us in restoring the balance on the planet and in our area.

The next time the day, month, and year will align in such a manner will not be for another 88 years.

12-12-12 has resulted in thousands of people flocking to wedding chapels, DMV's, and elsewhere to allow the significant date to leave a mark on their lives.

This date also comes nine days before some people believe the Mayan calendar predicts doom for the planet, not something Little is too worried about.

"Holding positive thoughts during this day and throughout the rest of this year is going to be very beneficial in moving in to 2013," she said.
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