Tigers win C-USA championship in Tulsa

Tigers win C-USA championship in Tulsa

Tigers fans feel the pressure of the last game and share their thoughts on Selection Sunday.
TULSA, OK (abc24.com)

The nets are down and the mission accomplished. The Tigers are now C-USA champs and they're bringing it back to Memphis.

We spoke to fans in Tulsa after the game.

Michael Bardos said "I'm so excited for the Tigers. We live in Memphis and we came down here and it was a really good experience. I'm glad we ended up on top... It was really nerve wracking"

Tigers fan Jimmy Scott wasn't prepared for two overtimes: "I didn't think there would be two, but I kinda knew it would be a close game."

And Barbara Delong, also feeling the pressure during the game, said "Too close, too close. They kind of do that, then toward the end come back and win!"

The second the game ended, the talk of Selection Sunday began.

"Every body in Memphis loves those guys, makes us feel good too... I'd like to see them go on to sweet 16 at least" said Barbara Delong.

Fans seemed to be in accord with their predictions. Jimmy Scott said "I think we'll be okay if we get a 5 or 6. Can see us going to sweet 16."

Selection Sunday will reveal where the Tigers are seeded in the NCAA tournament. 
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