Two Anti-Violence Groups Speak on Gangs

Two Anti-Violence Groups Speak on Gangs

Turf wars in the city of Memphis. Not between rival gangs, but between two groups trying to stop gang violence.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Violence broke out at an anti-violence meeting in Frayser.

"A series of gunshots kind of off in the distance and he felt a sting on the back of his neck and he was shot by a bullet," said Delvin Lane with the 901 B.L.O.C Squad.

A 17-year-old participating in an anti-gang meeting was shot while making a phone call outside the North Frayser Community Center Tuesday night. Inside was an event hosted by the 901 B.L.O.C Squad, a city initiative to curb gang violence. Lane is in charge of organizing the meetings.

"I don't believe he is affiliated with [a gang]," said Lane of the shooting victim.

An organizer of a different anti-gang program disagrees.

"I know that young man is from Raleigh. He's in a Blood gang, this is a Vice Lord territory - that's dangerous," said Joseph Hunter with Gang Inc. He said it's a sign of disrespect and it's not proper gang etiquette to show up on another gang's turf.

Those are words that Lane has heard before. "You come on my block you die, we shoot your house up, y'all shoot our house up," he said.

901 B.L.O.C is the new kid on the block when it comes to anti-gang violence.
Joseph Hunter said the initiative, founded by the city of Memphis and Mayor Wharton last October, has good intentions but maybe creating more problems.

"When you're doing this gang intervention stuff you need to work together. I've been doing this for about 10 years. Now we got a boy shot because they wouldn't communicate with me. I would have told them, don't bring the Bloods from Raleigh to this building," said Hunter.

Lane said what is most important is to continue to fight for the kids on the streets of Memphis. "It shows there's a sense of urgency that we need to be here and it could have easily been a retaliation," said Lane.

A candlelight vigil and a peace march will be held on January 26 in South Memphis for those who have lost a loved one to violent gun crime.
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