University Of Memphis Shows Interest In Buying Audubon Park

University Of Memphis Shows Interest In Buying Audubon Park

The University of Memphis is considering buying Audubon park.

MEMPHIS, TN ( University of Memphis is expressing interest in Audubon park which belongs to the city. The park includes a tennis center, the Botanic Gardens, and a golf course. 

"If the University of Memphis wants to take it over and improve it, i'll certainly go along with that," said Downie Tolbot. 

Not so fast. That optimism might be a little pre-mature. The Wharton administration says the park is not for sale. The Cancers Survivors park is apart of Audubon park too. Some call it an eyesore that the city needs to take care of.

"Well I prefer a cut grass well kept park. It's more attractive and it gives you a feeling that people are interested in taking care of it," said Thomas Yates.

As for the future of the park, we reached out to the University of Memphis and they provided us with this statement:

"If the University and the city determine that this is workable, we will certainly include the community in future discussions about the usage of Audubon park."

"As long as they left it open to neighborhood people to use the park and didn't wall it up and build some big buildings or whatever. If they left it a park, I have no problem with that. Public parks are for the public. Tha'ts the only thing I'm concerned about it," said Scott Anderson.

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