Victims Family Blame Gangs in Whitehaven Deadly Shooting

Victims Family Blame Gangs in Whitehaven Deadly Shooting

MEMPHIS, TN -- Another violent gang crime to add to Memphis' ever growing list. One person was killed, five others injured after a wild shooting at the Birch Leaf Apartments Wednesday night in Whitehaven.

Witnesses say the victims were attacked by fellow gang members.

The brother of the 22 year old man who died says his brother says he wasn't in a gang, but his friends were.

"I got a knock on my door saying your brother had been shot and I was like quit playing, quit playing," said J Haven.

Haven's younger brother, Deonte, died in the parking lot of the Birch Leaf Apartments last night. "all I heard was the dude ran up and shot him with an AK47."

Blood was still on parts of the back fence Thursday.

Five people were shot, including Deonte who was killed.

"He just turned 22 last week," Haven said. "The other dudes were 21, 23, the oldest was 24 at the most."

The shootings started around 8:30 Wednesday night. Police say there were several shooters.

"An eyewitness says he ran up on him and just shot all them," Haven said.

Neighbors are still trying to process what happened. Those living at the complex say it was a fight among fellow gang members.

They were all too scared of retaliation to talk on camera, but they say the gang members got into a fight at a different apartment complex. The five victims left and came to the Birch Leaf Apartments where two lived.

The shooters followed and started attacking them.

Delvin Lane with the 901 BlockSquad was there Wednesday night. His work starts after violent acts like this happen. He tries to prevent more shootings.

"We try to talk to people and talk them down and show them retaliating is only going to take another life and send someone else to jail," Lane said. Lane's been working with the group for a year now.

Shootings like this show there's still work to be done.

"We just want want peace in the city, to send a message out and say let's stop the shooting and killing," Lane said. 

Two of the four surviving victims are still hospitalized.

Police aren't releasing any suspect information. It's still an open investigation. They say the shooters may have driven off in a dark colored SUV.

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