Walls, MS Police Chief Fired Amid Controversial Investigation

Walls, MS Police Chief Fired Amid Controversial Investigation

The police department has been at the center of a federal investigation after a man disappeared during a traffic stop.
WALLS, MS -- There's drama at city hall, not in Memphis, but in tiny Walls, Mississippi. The police chief has just been fired.

Walls is located right over the Tennessee border before you get to Tunica. The police department has been at the center of a federal investigation after a man went missing during a traffic stop.

New mayor Patti Denison says his firing has nothing to do with recent controversy.

"This is a personnel matter so I really can't give a lot of information," Denison says. She's surprised Gary Boisseau's firing is getting attention. "The board voted on it. It was a unanimous decision."

Boisseau was chief of police the last three years.

Recently, he was in the spotlight after James Irby went missing during a traffic stop with one of his officers.

Denison says that incident was not one of the reasons why Boisseau was let go.

Boisseau gave local 24 news exclusive access to the case. Last month he showed us dashcam video and search dog results, which he says prove someone picked Irby up on Highway 61.

Boisseau also told us the FBI cleared the department of any wrongdoing.

James Mathis, who's with Desoto County's NAACP, says nothing about the case is clear.

"The FBI still has an investigation going on," says Mathis. He's working with Irby's heartbroken family.

They have no idea what happened to him and are upset with the way Boisseau handled the investigation.

"We never got any cooperation whatsoever with him. I hope with the new mayor and new police chief, we do get a little more cooperation than we have in the past."

"It's just probably a lot of little things that added up over time. I mean I don't think that deal with the guy over on 61 who come up missing had anything to do with it," says Bubba Wilburn. "It's probably just the little things like chases into Memphis a couple times."

Wilburn's called Walls home for 23 years.

He had no complaints about the chief. He does remember Boisseau being involved with several high-speed chases into Memphis.

One we covered last September. Every Walls police cruiser wrecked while chasing a burglary suspect from Mississippi into Tennessee.

"Chasing people into Memphis and stuff. I don't know if that's what got him into trouble or not," Wilburn says.

"We just felt this was the best direction for the town of Walls," says Denison. "I just look forward to a new beginning."

Walls has three fulltime police officers. One is filling in as interim chief until a new one is hired.

Boisseau was not able to be reached for comment today.
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