Walmart Pulls 'Naughty' Leopard Costume For Kids

Walmart Pulls 'Naughty' Leopard Costume For Kids

Halloween is still more than one month away but one child’s costume is already brewing controversy.
MEMPHIS, TN--Retail giant Walmart has pulled a controversial Halloween costumes for toddlers off their shelves. 

According to ABC News, the costume titled "Naughty Leopard" resembled a wild cat. The costume was a black, long sleeve dress that featured lace, and sparkles. The costume also came with a cat ears headpiece. 

"We are in the process of pulling the product off our shelves and we apologize to any customers that may have been offended by the name," Walmart spokeswoman Danit Marquardt told Thursday.

The costume, priced at $19.97, was first located at a Portland-area Walmart.

The controversial costume, which was previously listed on Walmart's Web site as "Leopard child Halloween costume" has also been removed online.

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