Was Beyonce's Inaugural Performance Lip-Synced or Not?

Was Beyonce's Inaugural Performance Lip-Synced or Not?

President Obama's inauguration has come and gone. The talk of the town right now is not gay marriage, foreign policy or drones. It's whether or not Beyonce lip-synched the national anthem.

MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - It's all the buzz on Twitter and Facebook. Was Beyonce's booming and moving rendition of the national anthem at President Obama's inauguration live or was she lip-syncing? If so, everyone wants to know - why?

"She's known to sing, so why would she lip sync the whole thing? Like I don't understand that. It's kind of hurtful that she did that," said Erica Holloway.

"Makes me feel like it's unreal, like she's less patriotic," said Vanessa Moore.

What about the part when she took her ear piece out? Was it all for show? All inaugural music is pre-recorded in case weather conditions or other circumstances interrupt the program.

"When you're doing something like that you want to do your best and make sure that it comes off without a hitch, so if she pre-recorded the song and then lip synched the performance, as a professional I understand," said Johnnie Walker with the Memphis Music Commission.

A U.S. Marine Corps spokesperson originally said the band was told the Grammy winner would use a pre-recorded track. Now the Marine Corps is backing off a bit, saying they don't know whether Beyoncé performed live or not.

"A lot of people lip sync. She just got caught lip synching but it happens. You'd rather be talked about for lip syncing vs. singing awful as an artist, right? It's okay, I'm still a fan," said Kenya Cobb.

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