Waving the Wand at Grizzlies Games

Waving the Wand at Grizzlies Games

Memphis Grizzlies fans might want to start heading to games a little earlier.
MEMPHIS, TN (abc24.com) - Memphis Grizzlies fans may want to start heading to games a little earlier, thanks to new security measures put in place by the NBA. Opening your jacket and spinning around for an inspection at the door won’t cut it anymore.

As ordered by the NBA, everyone entering not just FedExForum, but any league arena, will undergo a hand-wanding procedure.

There is no specific threat leading to the change, it’s just a sign of the times related to safety.

The hand-wanding started before the Grizzlies game against Cleveland on Monday, November 26.

“They (NBA) wanted all the arenas to start hand-wanding at the games,” said Eric Granger, Vice-President of Arena Operations at FedExForum.

Some Grizzlies fans were aware of the new policy.

“We got down here really early so we could get through the line quicker,” said Grizz fan Scarlett Cook, “we were worried about standing out in the cold rain for a long time while they were doing the hand-wanding.”

While Cook was prepared, others were caught off-guard.

“I wasn’t aware of it,” said Christina Torrez, “but I don’t have anything to hide so it doesn’t bother me any.”

“It’s something that started with the NFL,” said Granger, “they started doing it at their stadiums. It’s becoming more of an industry norm.”

Everything seemed to run smoothly the first night.

“Not a lot of hassle,” said Cook, “we got right in.”

Everyone understood why the wanding is here to stay.

“I think they’re making sure it’s a safe environment,” Grizzlies fan Chris Bennett told abc24.com.

And if you feel hassled by the wanding, Torrez noted, “It looks a bit easier than the airport, so we’re good.”

Fifty percent of Grizzlies games prior to the All-Star break will feature wanding; after that one hundred percent of all games will feature the added security measure.

But, keep in mind it is just for the NBA; it does not affect Memphis Tigers games.
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