West Memphis Rapist Caputured in Michigan

West Memphis Rapist Caputured in Michigan

UPDATE: Stanley James Carter was caught in Michigan.
Stanley James Carter was nabbed in Grand Rapids, MI.
Stanley James Carter was nabbed in Grand Rapids, MI.
UPDATE: GRAND RAPIDS, Mich.-Stanley Carter has been captured in Michigan.  Alert viewers saw media reports and contacted tip lines.  Carter was convicted of raping a Crittenden Co., Arkansas child, this week.  He is waiting to be extradicted to Arkansas.

WEST MEMPHIS, AR-- Investigators continued to search for a West Memphis man on Thursday night, after he walked away from his own rape trial.

Stanley James Carter hasn't been seen since Wednesday, when he failed to show up for one of the last days of his trial on three counts of child rape.

"He was not under bond, not under any kind of custody, he just didn't come back for court," said Mike Callender, Chief Investigator for the Crittenden County Sheriff's Office.

Carter was arrested on August 31st on the rape charges. At the time, a judge set his bond at $500,000. Under Arkansas law, prosecutors have nine months from the time of an arrest to bring the case to trial. When that nine months came and went, prosecutors were forced to drop Carter's bond and he was released from jail.

"Because of congestion in the courts and I don't know for what circumstances, the 9 months run out, so, he was released on his own recognizance," said Callender.

After Carter failed to show, a Crittenden County jury deliberated and convicted him on those three counts of child rape.

"I've been knowing Mr. Carter for a very long time, I believe he didn't do that," said James Brown. "But for him to run, it just shake me to the bone."

"If Mr. Carter ran, I can't say what he done," Brown added. "Ain't no body perfect, every body do something. But that is something that you don't do."

"I truly have no idea," he added.

"I hope he don't play with my kids, I'm going to play with him," said Yassar Jabar, who lives a few houses away from Carter. "You don't know what folks are doing, it is crazy out here."

Anyone with information about Stanley Carter's whereabouts is asked to call Crittenden County Crime Stopper at 870-732-4444. There is a $2,000 reward for information leading to Carter's arrest.
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