Wet and Cool Spring Turns to Current Crop Boom

Wet and Cool Spring Turns to Current Crop Boom

Farmers across Tennessee have full crop plates for now after a delayed spring planting season.

MEMPHIS, TN -- It seems like all we were talking about earlier this year was the delay in crop production but now the delay is done and things are booming. 

Take yourself briefly back to March and April when the air was cooler, rain was falling, some dare to call it too much.

“Sometimes it’s bad because it can flood the field and we need to replant the crop.” says Tyler Bozeman of Jones Orchard, a fixture at the farmers market at Agricenter International in Memphis.

Farmers Market veteran Angela Oswald adds “It [the season] started slow we couldn’t get them in the ground. 

Every time we started to plant it started raining on us and it takes longer for stuff to grow for us.” Tyler works off highway 51 in Millington, the Oswalds tend 93 acres of crop. They say this busy time was supposed to be at least a month ago. 

“So the real homegrown vegetables didn’t really start coming in until June when they usually start coming in in May.” says Clara Oswald, Angela’s mother.

The Oswalds have 79 years under their belt, Tyler only 4 but he knows all that water will help get us through the hot season. He says, “That water helps it grow in the long run; it kind of sustains the field in the summer when it gets really hot.” 

With all the recent rain you may be wondering ‘will this delay the late summer and fall crops?’ that answer, according to these farmers, ‘Nope’ they’ve already got some of it coming in.

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