Whalum Wins Lawsuit For New Election

Whalum Wins Lawsuit For New Election

He was down, but apparently not out. And now Kenneth Whalum may be able to continue his work on the new unified school board.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - For the first time in anybody's memory, a judge has ruled that there were so many mistakes in a school board election last August that there needs to be another election.

Kevin Woods defeated Reverend Kenneth Whalum by just over 100 votes in a race for a seat on the new Unified Shelby County School Board.

But evidence indicated among other things, the wrong ballots were given to people that didn't include Whalum's name.

“This is an unprecedented case,” Whalum said.

Reverend Kenneth Whalum is correct. This ruling is huge.

Chancery Court judge Kenneth Armstrong says the 106 vote victory margin by Kevin woods over Kenneth Whalum can't be trusted because there were too many mistakes.

He says there must be a new election.

Whalum's lawyer Robert Spence says it sends a message to the Shelby County elections commission.

“We have had many elections where there's been concern about whether the actual election expressed the true will of the voters,” Spence said.

For current school board member Kevin Woods, he said he knew calling for a new election was a real possibility.

But as far as he’s concerned, until he hears otherwise, he'll just keep plugging away at his school board job.

“We are still the elected board member for district four. And we will continue to do the work at hand. We're letting our attorneys handle any litigation associated with this case, and we're still focusing on the work ahead,” Woods said.

Of course, Whalum and attorney Spence argue that since the election results were found to be flawed, reverend Whalum should be sitting on the school board until a new election is scheduled.

“If what the chancellor says is true, then Kevin is not the duly elected representative. But that's not my business. All I know is whenever election day is, I’m going to be running like a Kenyon in marathon,” Whalum said.

Whalum's term had been scheduled to end on September first. It will be up to the election board to determine when a new election will be held.

As to whether they have faith the election commission will do a good job for the new election the next time around, Reverend Whalum says he has no faith at all. That's why he says he'll be running and running hard.
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