DeSoto County Schools Use "Combi Ovens" To Make Healthier Food

DeSoto County Schools Use "Combi Ovens" To Make Healthier Food

How about fake fried chicken with a side of steamed veggies? Some DeSoto County schools have a new way of serving up some good and healthy eats in the new school year.
DESOTO COUNTY, MS ( potatoes, baked chicken, grilled cheese; the Combitherm oven does it all, and the DeSoto County School District is hoping it will also help kids eat healthier.

The special ovens have a crisping feature, which means baked chicken will taste fried. The idea is to serve food that will appeal to children, minus all the harmful fat. 

Sixth grader Allie Haire is pleased to say the least. "I think that it's awesome."

The Combi Oven can also steam vegetables and grill sandwiches. You can say it's the swiss knife of the kitchen. Allie's dad is expecting his daughter and other students will gobble up the healthy items. 

"I think if she doesn't know the difference, like I've heard that you can't taste the difference, then she'll love it."

Nearly 15% of children in Mississippi are overweight , but with the Combi Ovens, Director of Child Nutrition Cynthia Coleman is hoping they will be able to put a dent in that number. 

"It's a win win situation for our district. Not only for the children, but our staff. They're so fun to use. they're self cleaning and they eliminate all the oil and the fryers in your kitchen," says Coleman.

"The long range goal for the DeSoto County School District is to go completely fryer free with these Combitherm ovens."

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