Accused Pawn Shop Killer, Getaway Driver Have Criminal Records

Accused Pawn Shop Killer, Getaway Driver Have Criminal Records

Investigators say Charles Griffin admitted to killing the owner of the Lamar Jewelry and Pawn shop Wednesday during a robbing. Police say the getaway driver also confessed.
MEMPHIS, TN ( The two guys accused of killing a Memphis pawn shop owner are locked up.

Investigators say 30-year-old Charles Griffin admitted to killing the Virak Hean, the owner of the Lamar Jewelry and Pawn shop, Wednesday while robbing the store. Police say the getaway driver, 23-year-old Christopher Woodland, also confessed.

Both have been charged with previous robberies. Griffin has a more violent past with assaults and previous shootings on his record. He's now charged with first degree murder.

The robbery and shooting were captured on store surveillance footage. Griffin told officers he fired two shots into Hean's abdomen, stepped over his body and robbed the store.

Woodland is seen on camera right after as he drove off with Griffin in a red car.

Woodland told police he burned the car, destroying evidence. He has about a half dozen previous arrests for theft, trespassing and littering.

Griffin's crime history includes aggravated robbery, assault and bodily harm plus felony theft charges.

In October 2005, Griffin was offered a ride by a man he'd just met. Once they got where he need to go, court records show Griffin put a gun to the driver's head and made him get out of the car. When the victim started to run, Griffin fired at him. He then stole the guy's car. Police say he admitted to the crime when they caught him.

Two weeks later Griffin was out of jail when he was arrested again. This time charged with domestic assault and drug possession. According to the affidavit, Griffin got into an argument with a woman and hit her in the head and face several times, then he stole her car.

In March 2006, while in jail, Griffin was charged with fighting and assaulting another inmate.

He's now back in the Shelby County Jail and charged with First Degree Murder. Woodland is charged with Accessory After the Fact.

Griffin is being held without bond. Woodland has a $250,000 bond.
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