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After 4 Found Dead, Neighbors Worry About What They Missed

Investigators in two states continued to put pieces together Monday after four people, recently interviewed as part of a west Tennessee child pornography investigation, were found dead in a car in rural Alabama.
SAVANNAH, TN (localmemphis.com)-- Investigators in two states continued to put pieces together Monday night after four people recently interviewed as part of a child pornography investigation were found dead in a car in rural Alabama.

Winston County, Alabama Sheriff Rick Harris classified the deaths as a triple-murder suicide.

"I knew they were looking for them," said Danny Keymon who lived next-door to the four.

Sheriff Wilson identified the four as Andy Hunt, 30, along with his sister Kristie Hunt Campbell Hamrick, 39, her ex-husband Robert Samuel Hamrick, 30, and Kevin Michael Carey, 30, a family friend. All lived in the same home in Savannah, Tennessee.

"As much junk going on, in and out, in and out, they had, I wouldn't put nothing past it, said Keymon.

Keymon said investigators had raided the four's mobile home last week.

"They seized a bunch of junk out of here you know, computer labs and stuff like that," Keymon said.

Days after that, the four vanished. 

Keymon said Robert Hamrick's mother told him the four had been involved in a terrible truck accident in Texas.

"We heard they had a bad 18-wheeler wreck out in rural Texas, and cut both of Kristi's legs off, and one of Andy's arms and one of his legs, and killed Kevin, and threw Robert through the windshield," Keymon said.

It wasn't until Monday Keymon learned the truth.

Sheriff Wilson said Hunt shot his sister, Robert Hamrick, and Carey with a 12-gauge shotgun as they sat inside the car, then shot himself.

When Deputies found the four, the car's engine was running, windshield wipers were on, and the radio was blaring.

"It is hard to believe that Andy would have the guts to pull the trigger on his sister and his brother-in-law, and Kevin, then shoot himself," said Keymon. "A lot of people knew Andy, and Kevin, and Robert and Kristi."

Sheriff Wilson said four suicide notes were found at the scene. He said each note was hand-written, and in each letter, the four proclaimed they were innocent related to the child pornography investigation.

"That's kind of scary, because I've confronted him before, he's cut my trees down, he took my fence up and never put it back up," said Pam Dickerson, who lived next-door to the four. "I've taken him home from town too when he was walking, he didn't seem like the type who could do that."

According to Sheriff Wilson, his investigators interviewed Carey's friend, who told them days before the four had told him of their suicide pact. The friend told investigators the four had said they were facing serious charges in Tennessee. He told investigators he thought he had talked them out of committing suicide.

"I don't know, it's really weird," she added.

Sheriff Wilson said investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms was currently working to trace the gun.

"That is as sorry low down as you can get right here under your nose," Keymon said.
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