Caraway Residents Find Safety In Storm Shelter

Caraway Residents Find Safety In Storm Shelter

The National Weather Service confirms an EF-1 tornado touched down Halloween night in Caraway.
CARAWAY, AR ( - The National Weather Service confirms an EF-1 tornado touched down Halloween night in Caraway.

It sent trick-or-treaters scrambling for cover.

The rural town is about an hour North of Memphis, just southeast of Jonesboro.

Everyone is fine and seemingly still running high on adrenaline. A few of the kids were on Main Street, literally running for their lives.

Sixteen year old Brien Morgan was with his friends doing what kids do on Halloween night when the cops stopped him.

“Cop stopped said we needed to get somewhere safe the storm was coming,” Morgan said.

He didn't think much of it, rain was light, it was a little windy. Moments later it started pouring and he and his friends took off.

“Tornado sirens start going off. We pick up more speed then all of a sudden the lights go out,” Morgan said.

After weaving himself a few blocks he found himself at the door of Florence Davis.

“Tornado siren went off. I had a few trick or treaters here. I yanked up all up and took them into the storm house,” Davis said.

In a moment where it felt like time stood still, her maternal instincts took over, for not one, two or even three people. She says 40-50 moms, dads, sons & daughters called the shelter home for about a half hour.

“We were cramming them in there as much as we could. Big ones in the back, little ones in the front,” Davis said.

Florence said the storm shelter came with the house complimentary when they bought it a year ago last September. They haven’t had to use it since but they used it Thursday night and they knew when to come out.

“Everything got all quiet and still, i eased the boards back, i started looking around, the police officers were walking down the road telling everyone to stay put. So we all just went in the house,” Davis said.

The national weather service conducted a damage survey confirming EF-1 tornado damage down Main Street. Winds were estimated between 100-110mph moments after Brien was there.

Crews are still trying to get power restored.

Meanwhile a shelter has been set up at the corner of Kentucky and New York Avenue. A hot meal will be available for people around 6pm. Say it'll be chicken and rice.
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