Committee On Council Behavior Has Second Meeting

Committee On Council Behavior Has Second Meeting

Memphis City Council members are dealing with a decision.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Memphis City Council members are dealing with a decision.

Should they adopt the words of Rodney King who said “can't we all just get along.” Or should they follow the advice of council member Janis Fullilove who says any council member trying to tone down her comments can “bite rocks.”

This afternoon a committee on city council behavior had its second meeting.

And they all got a long. At least at that meeting.

“Sometimes I think council members think, this is my committee. And they want to have it,” councilmember Myron Lowery said.

Once again, even though they never mentioned a name, this argument deals with council member Janis Fullilove.

She is in charge of the Memphis Light, Gas, and Water committee and her style is often sarcastic, often angry. And there were no apologies from her when she talked with Local 24 last week.

“These people elected me to be their voice on that council and I’m going to continue to do that,” Fullilove said.

But her days of heading up the MLGW committee might be coming to an end. The committee on council rules and procedures agreed to a plan to let everybody share the power.

“I think that in order to give everyone a variety of experiences that committee chairs should change on an annual basis,” Lowery said.

Lowery sent out an e-mail to some council members saying the menu for next weeks council lunch will be rocks.

It's his way of telling Fullilove that he watched what she had to say about her critics.

The entire council will have to vote on this issue.

There will be some angry reaction to whatever the committee decides. After's the Memphis City Council.
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