Blu Flu Continues, 522 Police Officers Call In Sick

Blu Flu Continues, 522 Police Officers Call In Sick

'Blue Flu' is sweeping the city of Memphis. 522 police officers were out sick Monday, that's just over 20% of the force.
MEMPHIS, TN ("Blue Flu" is sweeping the city of Memphis. 

Monday, 522 Memphis police officers were out sick. That's about 25% of the police department.

Beginning Tuesday, all regular days off and vacation days are cancelled for Memphis officers.

Officers are calling in sick to protest City Hall's recent decision to cut retirees' medical benefits and raise healthcare premiums for current workers.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong talked about the blue flu Monday evening.

"Our sick policy requires that they be at home during their regular tour of duty and that we have the ability to ask them for doctor's notes when they return," said Armstrong. 

"Right now, we're still able to provide the same level of services that we provided. The citizens are not at risk," continued Armstrong. 

When asked if he supported the blue flu, Armstrong responded, "I certainly understand their level of disappointment and their level of hurt, but like I've said in the past, there is a process and we have to respect the process."

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