DCS Investigates 5-Year-Old Found In Classroom Closet

DCS Investigates 5-Year-Old Found In Classroom Closet

A kindergartner put in a school closet, then forgotten. Now, the child is traumatized, her mother is furious and the teacher under investigation.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com)-- A Memphis mother says her daughter's kindergarten teacher should be fired, as state investigators look into a report that alleges the 5-year-old was put inside a classroom closet.

"That hurt me, I would never know a teacher would put a child in the closet," said Wanda Joseph.

Joseph says she got a call Tuesday afternoon from the principal at A.B. Hill Elementary School in South Memphis saying her daughter Akeelah had been put in a classroom closet for about an hour.

"I said the closet? I said, could you repeat yourself? and he was like yeah, the closet," Joseph said.

According to a police report, Akeelah was put in the closet for misbehaving. A substitute teacher found her about an hour later. 

The teacher, Kristin Ohsfeldt, didn't answer the door at the Cordova home, and didn't respond to a phone call and text for comment.

"How would she feel if she had a child, and somebody did her child like that," Joseph said. "She got asthma, she could have had an asthma attack in there and no body would have known she was in there."

Akeelah said she was scared while in the closet, and had an accident because she couldn't make it to the bathroom.

Joseph says she wants to make sure Ohsfeldt doesn't teach again.

"I don't want her in no school. Period. I want her lose her job for this," she said.

A spokeswoman for Shelby County Schools declined comment. The Tennessee Department of Children's Services and Memphis Police are also investigating. 
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