Delayed Memphis Flyers Nervous After LAX Shooting

Delayed Memphis Flyers Nervous After LAX Shooting

Flyers' vacation excitement was overshadowed by apprehension.
MEMPHIS, TN ( - Flyers across the country and here in Memphis are feeling ripple effects of the LAX shooting.

At Memphis International there were lots of nervous and delayed flyers Friday.

Ole Miss roommates Nosa Ogbebor and Jonothan Williams' Los Angeles vacation excitement was overshadowed by apprehension. The two were flying Delta and supposed to take off at 4:30 Friday.

"We are a bit edgy flying into it. Had no idea this was going to take place," said Williams

"I just hope they do a couple sweeps and make sure everything's okay so we can just fly in easy," said Ogbebor.

The two drove up from Oxford, arriving in Memphis an hour before their flight was scheduled to takeoff. That hour will end up being closer to 6 by the time they leave.

"Delta keeps calling and saying it's been pushed back another hour, it's been pushed back another hour. We just try to keep positive energy flowing," Ogbebor said.

Non-stop flights from Memphis to LA were delayed, as well as several international flights connecting through LAX.

The guys hate the wait, but hate even more the reasons for it. Understanding what's an inconvenience to them is far worse for others.

"I just feel really bad because I don't know why people kill for no apparent reason," said Ogbebor.

"Our hearts go out to the victims involved," added Williams.

Scott Brockman, Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer for the Memphis-Shelby County Airport Authority, issued the following statement this afternoon regarding the incident at Los Angeles International Airport:

"Details about the shooting that occurred at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) today are still emerging. Certainly, our thoughts and prayers go out to the victims and their families. Thus far, the incident affected our operations at Memphis International Airport (MEM). The next non-stop flight to LAX from Memphis is scheduled for 5:30 p.m. on Delta. At this point, travelers should check with Delta to obtain status updates.

Our primary concern at Memphis International Airport is the security and safety of our employees and passengers. We have strong security procedures in place and have the ability to respond quickly should threats arise. MEM has its own highly-trained police force. The individuals working for the Airport Police are trained in all types of emergency response situations. In addition, the Airport Authority conducts active shooter training for our employees and stakeholders."
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