Family, Friends Mourn Murdered Cab Driver

Family, Friends Mourn Murdered Cab Driver

Family, friends and dozens of fellow cab drivers gathered to mourn Zewdneh Assemu. The Ethiopian immigrant was found beaten and stabbed last Friday.
MEMPHIS, TN ( A huge outpouring of love and support for a Memphis cab driver murdered while working last week. Zewdneh Assemu's funeral was held Thursday. The Ethiopian immigrant was found beaten and stabbed last Friday.  

His body was discovered next to his cab in Fayette County. His killer is still out there.

Dozens of Assemu's fellow cab drivers took the day off to attend the funeral. Cab drivers from all over the city, and even some from Nashville, came to say goodbye. Judging by how many friends and family members were at the funeral, Assemu was well loved.

Around 200 mourners spent the day saying goodbye to the 43-year-old. They packed the St. Mary Ethiopian Orthodox Church in Frayser.

"He touched everybody's life. Everybody is showing how they feel about it," says Dr. Aregahegn Negatu.

St. Jude IT worker, Dr. Negatu, went to church with Assemu. He says the man was always looking to help someone else.

"When somebody's sick he's always there," Dr. Negatu says. "When somebody needs help he's there. In the church, if there's anything, not only is he's asking to do something, he's always asking what he can do for the community."

The Ethiopian community is a small one, just about everyone came to support Assemu's family, including dozens of cab drivers. The taxis in the funeral procession stretched almost a mile long.

"We came to support him," a driver told us. "He has a family-- two kids, that's not a balanced person who killed him. I don't know why they took his life."

"Everybody thinks it will be next for them, they're really scared," Negatu says.

His killer is still on the loose. There is a $3,000 reward to find whoever that is. Assemu's employer, Metro Cab, and Memphis' Yellow Cab donated $2,000 of those dollars.

"We lost him. We will not get him back," Negatu says. "I think justice will be done."

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is handling this case. Fayette County's district attorney asked them to step in. If you have any information, call 1-800-TBI-FIND.

Assemu was a college graduate and worked as a civil engineer in Ethiopia. He moved to Memphis in 2009 and became a cab driver. He moved his family here, wanting to give them a better life.
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