Holly Bobo's Mom Not Giving Up

Holly Bobo's Mom Not Giving Up

Holly Bobo's mom has a new plan to find her missing daughter.
DARDEN, TN (localmemphis.com) - Holly Bobo's mom has a new plan to find her missing daughter.

It's been two years and eight months since Holly Bobo vanished.

She was last seen being led into the woods behind her home in Darden, Tennessee by a man wearing camouflage.

Karen Bobo wants the world to know, she's not giving up hope.

Bobo is hoping just by changing the wording on these flyers will help bring holly home.

"Someone is holding onto that key piece of info that we need so we're just begging for it," Bobo said.

Karen Bobo is praying that key piece of information will come by restructuring this flyer. The reward money is the same but it now asks for information leading to an arrest and conviction of her daughter Holly’s kidnapper as opposed to Holly’s safe return.

"Maybe they don't know if Holly is still ok or not. Maybe they don't know if they can return her safely but they might hold the key," Bobo said.

Karen feels tips called in especially early on should be reinvestigated.

"Call it in. E-Mail it in. Even if you've already done it, do it again. We're begging you," Bobo said.

Except for a few keepsakes, letters, and cards here on her bed, the Holly’s room is just like she left it

"Some people say they don't know how I do it but I don't have a choice. I feel like I have a job to do to keep people looking keep people praying," Bobo said.

Reminding everyone to keep Holly in their heart and mind.

The TBI said Holly’s case is still very much an active investigation and every lead is followed.

Anyone with information should call 1-800-TBI-FIND.
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