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New Jersey Man Arrested For Selling Stolen Vitamins In Memphis

A Memphis man was arrested for selling vitamins and nutritional products from the back of a stolen 18-wheeler.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - A New Jersey man was arrested October 19th after being caught selling vitamins and nutritional products out of the back of a stolen 18-wheeler in Memphis.

Edwin Juarbe, 44, of Pleasantville New Jersey stole the big rig from another driver in Summit, Illinois.

The GPS from the truck was disabled by Juarbe, but not before officials were able to track him to Memphis.

Memphis Police then got a tip that a man was selling items from the back of his trailer at Ashridge Place and Ryan Run. Officers found Juarbe hiding in a nearby backyard where he admitted to the crime.

Juarbe said he had been in Memphis for over a week and had been selling the products from the back of the truck in exchange for money and drugs. Juarbe stated he used the money made to buy more drugs.
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