Local Talk Show Host Thaddeus Matthews Indicted

Local Talk Show Host Thaddeus Matthews Indicted

Talk show host Thaddeus Matthews has been indicted on three felony counts for posting on his Facebook page a photograph of a female child performing a sex act on an adult male.
MEMPHIS, TN (localmemphis.com) - A year after his initial arrest in a child exploitation case, controversial talk show host Thaddeus Matthews has been indicted on sexual exploitation of a minor charges. 

Matthews faces three felony counts for posting a photograph on his Facebook page of a female child under the age of 5 performing a sex act on an adult male.

Matthews declined interview requests Friday, the day the indictments were handed down, and claimed he was not even aware of them until media outlets began calling for comment.

He deferred all requests to his local access television show broadcast scheduled later that night. 

“I ain’t after any babies,” Matthews said on the air. “You know I’m not guilty of any child pornography.”

That’s just some of what Matthews had to say on his local television program. 

“What you have here is a case of selective prosecution,” Matthews added. “The district attorney is saying we’re going to shut Thaddeus Matthews up.”

Matthews maintains he was trying to help police catch the man and save the child.

“Yes, I put the picture up,” said Matthews. “Yes, I said we need to find the man and the child.”

Some who watch and listen to Matthews did not agree with what he did. 

“Well, the law says that’s exploitation and sort of like pornography too,” said Memphian Linda Moore.

Others disagree. 

“If he was trying to help the community and help police out, I don’t see anything wrong with it,” said Deborah Wallace.

Perhaps Weinberg Allen summed it up best.

“You could be trying to help somebody and you could be in trouble yourself,” Allen told localmemphis.com

That’s where Matthews currently finds himself. He’s represented by attorney Steve Farese who told his client why he wound up with three charges.

“Because they didn’t know what to charge me with,” Matthews said. 

Listeners to his show aren’t sure what to think, but they are sure of one thing.

“I don’t know if he’s being made an example of or what,” Moore told localmemphis.com. “It’s just got to be stopped. Leave our children alone, they are innocent, leave them alone.”

During his television broadcast, Matthews looked straight into the camera lens and addressed District Attorney General Amy Weirich saying, “In your heart of hearts you know this is wrong.”

Matthews could be facing between two and 30 years in prison. 

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