SCS Board Votes To Keep Germantown Schools

SCS Board Votes To Keep Germantown Schools

The Shelby County School Board dealt a blow to the burbs at Monday night's meeting, voting in favor of keeping four suburban schools.
MEMPHIS, TN ( – It was a full house Monday at the Shelby County School Board meeting.

Several people were on hand to plead for not shutting down South Side High School, others were urging that Barret's Chapel Elementary be converted to a K-8 facility.

But without a doubt, it was concern over the usage of school buildings by municipal districts, especially in Germantown, that drew the large crowd.

“Tonight we ask, even urge you to delay a definitive decision about the schools in the city of Germantown,” said Germantown Mayor Sharon Goldsworthy to the board.

Germantown mayor Goldsworthy had a lot of support from concerned parents.

“We don’t quit,” shouted parent Bryce Harris to raucous applause. “We don’t quit in Germantown.”

Up for a vote was a resolution to negotiate leases and building usage in six municipal school districts in Shelby County.

“It authorizes me,” said Supt. Dorsey Hopson, “to enter into negotiations on leases for school structures indicated in the resolution.”

Not included for municipal control are the three flagship schools in Germantown.

“We seem to be moving with undue haste,” said SCS board member David Pickler.

Both Pickler and fellow board member David Reaves attempted to have the vote delayed, or split into separate questions per municipal district, but both efforts failed and the resolution passed.

“I’m very disappointed the board has voted to move ahead with the resolution not made public prior to their vote,” Germantown resident Audrey Grossman told

Paige Michael is a candidate for the Germantown School Board, she and other Germantown residents were unhappy.

“It’s emotional,” said Michael. “It’s your kid. When it’s your kid, it’s emotional.”

Grossman explained her reaction like this, “I think it is very divisive, and will lead to the schools being really segregated. That is not what Germantown wants.”

Michael looked for a silver lining and felt that the municipal districts would still be able to do some serious negotiating with SCS.

Superintendent Hopson said plans were already in the works for Germantown Elementary, Middle and High Schools to become part of the SCS optional school program.

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