MEMPHIS, Tenn — The first day of September, known as 901 Day, is an opportunity to celebrate the City of Memphis and to connect with what it has to offer.

One of the big 901 Day events is the annual Exposure event hosted by New Memphis.

During a normal year, Exposure would pack people inside the FedEx Forum to interact with organizations. The event will continue this year but due to the pandemic it is going virtual.

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“We have all these amazing local businesses and organizations that make [Memphis] truly what it is and make it so unique and special for all of us and so this year, we know that when we might not feel as connected at home, socially distant, we know that it was important to have the event but move it to a virtual space," Nora Murray, New Memphis Community Engagement Manager, said.

The event will feature 100 local organizations which people can connect with like nonprofit organizations, hobby-based groups to social networking groups.

Instead of having that interaction face-to-face, people can do it virtually through the site HopIn. Each organization will have a virtual booth that people can click on to learn more about it plus the opportunity to chat with an organization member. 

There will also be four virtual sessions people can attend: 'Be the Change Our Nonprofits Need led by the United Way of the Mid-South, a live art demonstration, live performances and a Ask Me Anything Memphis-edition.

“Our overall goal with Exposure is just to create connections," Murray said. "We know when we are retaining talent in our city, the connections are the single most important piece. If you don’t feel connected to a social network, if you don’t feel connected to opportunities, you really start to decrease your infinity and love for the city.

Murray said despite having to go virtual this year, New Memphis expects the event to be just as effective. The hope is that going virtual will mean more people can participate without having to make a trip downtown.

Exposure is free to attend. It runs from 4-7 p.m on HopIn. For more details and to register early, click here.

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People can also celebrate Memphis by supporting local businesses. Many are running 901 Day deals. A list can be found here.