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Local I-Team: Memphis Man Accused Of Stealing Women’s Hearts… And Money

His victims call him a “smooth operator.” A Memphis man, accused of playing with women’s heads, preying on their hearts, and emptying their po...
Local I-Team: Memphis Man Accused Of Stealing Women’s Money

His victims call him a “smooth operator.” A Memphis man, accused of playing with women’s heads, preying on their hearts, and emptying their pocketbooks. The Local I-Team first introduced you to Brown Rogers two years ago.

He was convicted of theft after going on a shoplifting spree the day after Thanksgiving in 2014. Still on probation for that case, Rodgers is now facing new charges.

His real name is Brown Rodgers, but he goes by “Pepper” Rodgers. He tells people he’s the grandson of the former college football coach, Pepper Rodgers.

The Local I- Team was told that is not true. Women from Florida to Mississippi and here in Memphis say he’s claimed to be many things. From a dentist to a successful businessman.

“I think he’s got a real problem. He needs to be behind bars,” said a former girlfriend.

The woman was too embarrassed to be shown on camera, but wants you to hear her story. “Pepper and I dated a few months. He somehow got a hold of my information.”

Rodgers is now facing a judge. According to court records, he tried to buy an $80,0000 Mercedes in the woman’s name. He also facing identity theft charges. The woman says he then stole more than $10,000 from her bank account.

The Local I-Team found other women who say Rodgers has opened accounts in their names and taken off with their money. His former wife, who didn’t want to appear on camera, said Brown claimed to be an oral surgeon, going so far as putting on scrubs every day, pretending to go to work.

During a deposition connected to a 2010 criminal investigation in Florida, Rogers admitted under oath he lied about his credentials and pretended to be a dentist, signing emails, “Dr. Pepper Rogers”. In that case, he was facing racketeering and theft charges, which were later dropped. When lawyers asked why he lied about his credentials, Rodgers replied he didn’t have an answer. When asked, “Do you know these are lies when you are telling them?” He answered “yes”.

Last year in Memphis, Rodgers was listed as a suspect for writing fake prescriptions, part of the facade the women say would bolster his claim of being in the medical profession.

“He is charming, can be sweet, but at the end of the day, it’s all lies,” said the former girlfriend. The women tell me they believe they were targeted because at the time they were lonely and single, divorced with kids.

“He will show you a lot of attention, pretty much give you everything you’re looking for and that you want and that you need, but when it comes down to it, it’s all fake,” added the former girlfriend.

“Part of us all want Prince Charming to come in and swoop in and make everything wonderful,” said Don Anderson, therapist. Anderson said women need to proceed cautiously when starting a new relationship. “Predators look for victims, they can spot them in an instant.”

Anderson says watch out for red flags, such as men who move quickly, asking to move in or shop for wedding rings just weeks into the relationship. “Being able to set some boundaries and have those boundaries respected, that’s a great way to screen for a perpetrator because perpetrators don’t want to respect boundaries. They will try and wiggle their way into your world,” said Anderson.

In hindsight, this woman says she saw the red flags but ignored them, something she says won’t happen again. “Do your homework, do a background check. Get every piece of information. Talk to friends and family.”

The Local I-Team tried to talk to Rodgers and his attorney multiple times. If at any point he wants to tell his side of this story, all he has to do is give the Local I-Team a call.