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Jeni DiPrizio

Credit: WATN

MEMPHIS, Tenn. —  Jeni Diprizio is the Senior Investigative Reporter for Local 24 News and CW 30 News.

Digging through documents, databases and public records, she connects the dots to uncover and investigate corruption and wrong-doing in the Mid-South.

The Emmy award-winning reporter is always on the lookout for abuse of taxpayer dollars, government employees not doing their jobs, and people taking advantage of “the system.”

From exposing a city council member whose mother got a free house paid for by taxpayers to an investigation of sex offenders working on ice cream trucks, her stories make an impact and often result in laws or policies being changed.

She has spent the last several years investigating problems at the Memphis Animal Shelter, the General Sessions Court Clerk’s Office, and misspending in city and county government. Diprizio’s ongoing investigation into at the Memphis Animal Shelter brought a national spotlight on the abuse going on at the facility.

In September 2012, Diprizio caught Memphis City Schools illegally demolishing an abandoned school. It resulted in the Shelby County Health Department’s environmental team declaring the area under asbestos contamination. Memphis City Schools and three contractors were also cited and fined by the county.

Diprizio joined the Local 24 news team in November 2000 and is the team’s senior reporter. Before moving to Memphis, she worked at WJRT in Flint, Michigan. The Chicago native also spent time at television stations in Vermont, Arizona and Montana. She has won numerous Associated Press Investigative Reporting awards and has been nominated for 3 Emmy’s. Email Jeni.

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