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Germantown Performing Arts Center opens new outdoor venue

The Grove will host many types of performances, including theater, dance, orchestras, and every genre of music

GERMANTOWN, Tennessee —


The Grove Opens to Visitors During Social Distancing

Wednesday, May 20, 2020 -- Germantown Performing Arts Center (GPAC) is proud to announce the opening of The Grove, its dynamic new outdoor venue. The Grove is designed to be an outdoor reflection of GPAC’s indoor space, aiming at the same level of experience, quality, diversity of talent and educational experiences, presented in a lush, shady setting called the TruGreen Lawn. There is a covered 40′ by 70′ stage that features a giant 18′ by 31.2′, extremely high-definition video screen.

The screen is mounted on a trolley, allowing for it to be moved upstage and become the performance or downstage to assist or enhance a performance. Quite significantly, the video screen’s technology allows for GPAC to simulcast performances or rehearsals taking place indoors in the Duncan-Williams Performance Hall onto the giant screen.

GPAC Executive Director Paul Chandler notes, “This capability puts GPAC in the ranks of the most innovative performing arts centers in the nation. Currently, we are one of only three venues employing this technology. The others are the New World Center in Miami, Florida, and the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington, D.C. It’s good company to be in.”

All types of performances are possible in The Grove—theater, dance, orchestras and every genre of music—and there will be both ticketed and non-ticketed events.

There is a paved entrance plaza to welcome guests, called the First Horizon Foundation Plaza, featuring a large covered bar, seating areas, performance areas for small combos, the Donor Wall, art areas and more. There is also parking and electricity for four food trucks and a VIP pavilion. The venue was designed by award-winning architectural firm archimania and constructed by Grinder, Taber & Grinder.

GPAC will begin welcoming visitors to The Grove this week. During this time of social distancing, GPAC will be offering tours to small groups including the GPAC Board of Directors, contributors to The Grove capital campaign, members of GPAC’s donor societies and subscribers. As the atmosphere for gathering improves, GPAC looks forward to inviting members of the community to tour the new venue.

Chandler explains, “GPAC is so pleased that our new outdoor venue, The Grove, is ready to open. Our industry data shows that people will be more comfortable visiting an outdoor venue during social distancing than attending an indoor event. We’re eager to give people the opportunity to see this new, innovative space. We’ll get the community engaged, and we’ll do it with the numbers of people that are appropriate, according to phased reopening guidelines. We’ll do everything we can to keep everyone safe.”

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The Grove is located adjacent to GPAC at 1801 Exeter Road in Germantown, where its park-like atmosphere will eventually accommodate approximately 1200 guests.

Plans are in the works for a wide variety of events, some specifically for families and some intended more for adults, attracting folks seeking a more casual atmosphere in which to enjoy the arts.

According to Parke Kennedy, Development Director for GPAC, “The Grove will serve GPAC’s needs as well as those of other arts organizations in the community. It was designed to attract new audiences and to provide an exciting alternative performance space. As the arts community strives to navigate the new global landscape, we’re certain that The Grove will become a source of hope and inspiration for local artists.”

As the cultural ambassador for Germantown to the rest of the region, GPAC has worked tirelessly for 25 years to provide excellent, accessible and inviting arts, entertainment and culture to the local community and beyond. With the creation of The Grove, this work and GPAC’s role in the region will expand, along with GPAC’s impact on Germantown’s economy and quality of life.