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17-year-old artist creates a song that speaks to those who experience anxiety and depression

Brooke Fair has had her own struggles with feeling low and wants to encourage others to speak up.

Music can be a powerful form of expression, especially for 17-year-old Brooke Fair, a Memphis-based high school student who found her healing in singing and songwriting. 

"Even in those times when I felt like I had no idea how to talk to people, about whatever it might have been, I knew that I could always express myself that way. Whether it was good music or not."

Fair said she felt an unusual shift at 11-years-old, one she could not fully grasp at the time.

"I taught myself to think, 'This is just growing up. Like you're not going to feel that joy anymore,' Fair explained. "Like I was going through the motions. Nothing made me super happy, even when I had really good moments in my life or really good accomplishments…it was really difficult to really appreciate those things."

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Depression and anxiety continued throughout middle school, but thanks to therapy, a supportive group of family and friends, and picking up the pen, writing has become her medicine.

She released the song titled Suck It Up this month.

Fair said it is an anthem that encourages those struggling with depression and anxiety to speak up. 

Fair said she hopes this song and her album will help others understand that they are not alone.  

"It's called the Things We Were. A lot of it is love songs and a coming of age story, and I think 'Suck It Up' and my issues with mental health are just a big piece of that story,' Brooke said. "I really don't want my issues with mental health to define me. I think it's just a really big piece of the puzzle that has made up who I am as an artist.'"

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Fair said she has also gained strength from within.  

"A big part of my anxiety was, everyone needs to like me. And I sort of had to figure out what are some things I can do alone and take care of myself? When there's bad depression days where I just don't want to get up and anything?"

Fair will also release her album on May 20th, but until then, you can click here to see her music video of her song release called Suck It Up. 

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