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Musicians are ready to take the stage now that in-person concerts are being planned

Several concert venues in Shelby County are scheduling spring and summer outdoor concerts.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. — Major event venues in Shelby County are planning for in-person concerts again. All will be following Shelby County Health Department guidelines on social distancing. 

The Bluebird Happy Hour concert series at Germantown Performing Arts Center in April is just one of the many upcoming outdoor music events. 

Musicians Michelle and Jeremy Shrader will be performing at GPAC's concert series and can't wait to take the stage. Both lifelong musicians have been holding virtual concerts throughout the pandemic, so they can't wait to play music in front of an in-person audience again. 

"It’s hard not having the people there, not hearing the claps, not having the presence of your audience there," Michelle Shrader said. 

Both agree you can't replace the feeling you get at an in-person concert. 

"It’s a shared experience, so being able to have that with other people I think is what people are craving and what would be special about it," Jeremy Shrader said.

They hope their upcoming performances will be a cure for the COVID blues. 

"I know that COVID has been a real downer, but I just hope people find joy and enjoy some music," Michelle Shrader said.

Neither have jitters with returning to the stage, just excitement to do what they love. 

"Oh yeah! I get those kinds of jitters! I get those kinds of thrills!" the Shraders laughed.

Here is the full Shelby County Health Department directive on live performances. 

"Live music and other performers shall maintain at least 18-feet of separation—and more if possible—between audience members and the performer(s) (this includes, for example, vocalists, singers, musicians, and dancers). Thus, seating and spacing modifications should be adopted to increase physical distances by at least 18-feet between any observer and any performer. Install barriers to minimize travel of aerosolized particles between performers or maximize physical spacing between performers on-stage by at least 6-feet unless barriers are used. Dancing by customers should not be allowed unless it occurs outdoors and dancers maintain 6-feet separation from those who are not of the same family unit or close contact group."

"Any music (live or aired) must be kept at a decibel level that permits regular conversation. In other words, the noise level should not be so great as to cause customers to raise their voices to be heard."

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