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Restaurants, businesses remain open in DeSoto County during COVID-19 pandemic

The businesses that remain open in the county say they are taking extra steps to make sure its patrons are safe.


Although a state of emergency has been declared in Shelby County and Memphis, across the state line in Mississippi many businesses have remained open, especially on Goodman Road.

The Mississippi Department of Health recommends that all restaurants and bars suspend dine-in service in order to help slow the spread of COVID-19.  

“I was surprised. I noticed they were open on Facebook, saw a message that they will be open for anyone but they also offer carry out, said Sharon Francis, a Desoto County resident.   

Francis brought her family to Avellinos for dinner and she was happy to see it open.  

“I think it’s nice to have a choice but people should take precautions and when we first got here we were like the only patrons in the restaurant. So I felt good about that we had plenty of room around us,” Francis said.  

If you drive down Goodman Road in Desoto County, you’ll see dozens of businesses choosing to keep their doors open in the midst of the Coronavirus pandemic.  People from Shelby County where restaurants and bars are closed are joining their neighbors in DeSoto and visiting places that are still open.  

“Businesses will kind of take a hit as far as like an economics standpoint so I kind of feel like they’re keeping them open because of the money, said Desoto County resident, Jay Brumsey.   

While there are some chain restaurants and businesses that are closed, Brumsey was relieved to have some options.  

“Super Lo that’s right behind me it crazy in there, a lady almost hit me with her shopping cart actually. I’ve been out I went to Walgreens, I went to Home Depot, Lowes, I went to Target it’s crazy, Brumsey said.  

Tuesday, DeSoto County had its first confirmed patient of COVID-19.  The businesses that remain open in the county say they are taking extra steps to make sure its patrons are safe.   

Reporter – Have you changed your day to day at all?  "Yes I have, I’m using the hand sanitizer more. I just washed my hands, Francis said.   

All gas stations, pharmacies, grocery stores and food marts will remain open in DeSoto County.