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Taking responsibility for your health | Health Beat with Brea Love

Doctors are an amazing resource but your health isn’t completely in their hands. Dr. Tom Hopkins explains how you can take responsibility for your own.

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — For the Health Beat with Brea Love, ABC10 health expert Dr. Tom Hopkins is clocking in this week to talk about responsibility and your health.

Doctors are an amazing resource, but your health isn’t completely in their hands. It's on us to take responsibility for it. That can mean eating right, exercising and as our health expert Dr. Tom Hopkins says, preventative care.

“There are a lot of things that we should be screening for, age specific, that are very impactful for our health. We just need to get on board for doing some of those things instead of relying on a doctor to solve it to find out,” Dr. Hopkins said.

Now that California has reopened fully for the first time since the pandemic started, Dr. Hopkins said that this is a good time to focus on talking to your doctor about your concerns and getting back to preventative screenings. He also said finding a doctor who listens and works with you is important.

"I remember seeing a video that really taught me a lot about how I'm not here to really fix anything. I'm really here to have a focus on listening and then seeing if I can resolve things for a person," Dr. Hopkins said. "The number one thing that patients come to the office to see their doctor for is fear. Anything that we do as clinicians to alleviate those fears and just tell people its going to be okay is really the best medicine that we really have."

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